You are my mother my

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"Tired of the waiting and Tired of the lies"

You are my mother my mother
Who I care deeply about
By when the day starts what do you do?
You go straight to the fridge and grab what?
A beer you start to drink and drinking all day.
I don't know if you realize if you know you do have four children who love you dearly
I call when you are complete drunk not caring about a thing.
I love it when you call and you are sober and i can have a decant conversation with my mother
I love it so much.
I have see in about 9 month all most ten now
Every time you say you are coming us you are a total liar and you never show
do you know how that makes use feel.
Now Mothers Day is all most here and you Said that you are going to show
You really know how much that means to me and jazzy Wes and Preston. A lot
When you are up her please don't drink
I love you to pieces
Love you
Your little girl