This is my silver audience;

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This is my silver audience;
strong and mighty gold of heart
fearless and valiant of mind
he tells not of the wrongs in his world
but of a splendid lunch,
a marvelous show and tell,
and a boy with just one arm.
he doesn't mock and judge those poles apart
in his eyes they are unique family.

I crown my marks,
I triumph in my battles,
and I outclass those around me.
I'm not meek and humble,
deserving of his love.
He's my silver audience
not as quick nor clever.

In my eyes he stands in pride
devoted to life itself,
and the joys of simply living.
He complains not of others
for they seem not trouble him.
To this day tears trickle
and glide into my heart.

Worlds apart yet identical.
As I cry in the corner
scream and shout at loved ones
he cowers, still and unspoken
he beholds my eyes
'I'm livid, and he terrified,
that his world will crash around him
and he'll learn to hate.

Everyday he lights up
yearns to tell me of his story.
Someday maybe I'll learn
this boy is my silver audience
my teacher of what is perfect.
Forget the years of spiteful idiom.
This is my brother.