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I try not to

7 October, 2017 | English SMS |

I try not to miss you,

But in the end,

I still do.


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  • Kisi bhi mushkil morh per Kisi bhi mushkil morh per Hum na kahenge AAPKO C, U Rahenge sath hamesha ME & U, Kal hum na rahe DUNIYA me to, Rakh kar fool meri kabar pe, KAHNA STUPID, I MISS U.
  • Telling that I MISS U I heard a sound whispering your voice, But when i looked around to see who it was, I noticed no one there, Then i realized it was my heart, Telling that I MISS U, Miss U Miss U Miss U.
  • The day is going 2 end The day is going 2 end, You know I don’t pretend, I am missing u even more this while, Wanting 2 see u smile, Good Night and Sleep Well.
  • I say your name I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same, Although I Smile & Seem Carefree, There is no one Who misses you more than ME.  
  • 3 Things I Miss 3 things I miss Abt U… ,.: I :., Ur Hair ,.: I :., o (.)(.) o UR EYES ,.: I :., o (.)(.) o .. (—-) Ur SMILE!Aauw.. so CUTE…
  • Stupid i miss u Kabhi nahi kahenge aap ko see you, Humesha sath Rahenge ME & U, Jab main na rahu duniya mein, To aasman mein dekhkar itna keh dena, Stupid i miss u.
  • I Feel Worst When I Feel Worst When I am Alone Because that’s when the Monsters In my Head Say Hello! Where You are? I Miss You
  • Kis bat Baat ka Badla Kis bat Baat ka Badla, liya hai Tum ne, Humein Apna Bana kar, Is tarha Tanha Chhora, hai K Hum Aapne bhi Na Ban sake. I MISS YOU.
  • When u are not When u are not with me, I miss out on the Best moments of life. I miss u.
  • Even When u hang up Even When u hang up, I miss u right away. Even when we r texting, and I am waiting 4 u reply, I am still missing u. I miss you even now.