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I miss u doesnt

8 December, 2017 | English SMS |

I miss u doesnt always mean that i wish u to get back,

Sometimes it just means that i love u a lot,

And may always be happy n okay.

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  • Your heart beat tells You something true When daylight turns to a darkened hue, The lovely stars hinting at you, Your heart beat tells You something true, That someone is badly missing you
  • Whenever you Miss someone Whenever you Miss someone.. Look at The Sky.. Although you might not See the Person There.. But Feel Happy that you Two Are Under the Same Sky.
  • Thats love We fight. .! We seprate. . ! And then we miss each other. . Thats love
  • I Love you , I Miss You SweetHeart A thousand things in between us: Low Battery Busy Network No Coverage No Time Heavy Work But still… when the mobile beeps, I think only of you!
  • My hand Need You My eyes Miss You, My feeling Love You, My hand Need You, My mind Call You, My heart just for you, I will Die without You, Because I Miss you.
  • Life is everything Life is everything when the person u love misses u in your absence.. but 'life is nothing' When they miss to understand your importance in your presence
  • I miss ur love I miss ur love, I miss ur touch, Because i feel u everyday. I miss u.
  • I miss UR cuddles I miss UR kisses I miss UR cuddles I miss UR kisses but most of all I miss U! The love I have will never changes as each day goes by I will love U till the day I die.
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